Stimulating the American Workforce

Denver – Good morning, everybody! I hope you have been doing well. I have been busy doing a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of this and that. And! Plus! I have also been busy writing my own 1,100-page stimulus package that Congress will receive tomorrow – it is called, “Dear Congress, If You Send Me $10 million, I Will Personally Stimulate The Economy – GUARANTEED!”

I am not kidding you!

Anyway .. I interrupt my blogging hiatus to report that one of my good friends, Vince Cano, recently won a gold medal and some serious dinero (hint, dude, hint!) after beating out nearly 2,000 other entrants in the Second Annual National Car Rental’s Clean Car competition held in Orlando, Florida.

He first won the Colorado state competition in Denver before heading to Orlando for the finals. The National Car Rental’s Clean Car Finals required finalists to clean three extremely filthy and dirty cars over a 45-minute time span.

And! Plus! He won the competition despite a broken hand.

In fact, a week before the finals, he broke his hand punching a hospital sign after learning that his grandfather – who had raised him – had suddenly taken ill and passed away. Shaken but not deterred, and with “help from upstairs,” Vince continued ahead with the competition and won.

(To put his injury into perspective, I saw his hand a few days before he left for Florida and it looked more like a bruised grapefruit than a human hand.)

Congratulations go out to Vince. And by the way, dude .. that dinero?

President Obama’s message is to “spread the wealth around.”

C’mon, dude!

Be good .. or be good at it.



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How cool is that?! Never knew they had competition for something like that! Two valuable things I learned from this post. 1) When renting cars, go National and, 2) when my single girlfriends starts lamenting about lack of available ‘neat’ guys, I will refer them to National! Sure beats guys that frequent the dingy bars. ;)

Interesting that Vince is a champ at cleaning cars even with a broken hand to boot and our government doesn’t know zip about cleaning up the economy. Maybe Obama can use some of Vince’s pointers…

Kudos to Mr. Clean!


Sooooooo glad you wrote. I was getting really tired of E I E I O everytime I checked your site for TOP BREAKING NEWS. I was beginning to think Old MacDonald was doing the stimulus package.


Congrats to your friend, Vince. I noticed a car cleaner from Sarasota didn’t do too shabby either.

I’m sorry for his loss, but it seems the busted hand and broken heart fueled his stellar scrubbing skills.

What a cool contest to win! I wonder what kind of crud he had to scrub out of the cars. Good for him! And I hope he realizes how desirable that skill sounds to women everywhere.

LOL, as usual you have me laughing while munching on my lunch!
Good thing you don’t post gross things. Me too, “I have been busy doing a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of this and that”, and absolutely too much of this and that! Miss you!

Sheri A. Farinha

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