Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

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Right back at ya, Paotie!


Mornin’, JJ!

Happy Christmas, dude.



What are you doing? You were supposed to be with family!

Psst….I got a black coal! I know I’m not supposed to be here!

he, he, he.

Merry Christmas, dude!


White Ghost

White Ghost ..

I know! We have no plans until after noon and I was just going to check my blog and got curious and then toyed with the widgets and then next thing I now, I LOST MY FREAKING WIDGETS!


So, I’m fixin’ ‘em.

Happy Christmas, White Ghost!




Happy Belated Xmas back to you :o )

Hope you had a nice time snowboarding on the white powder… the weather is cRaZy here in Indiana… ice storms, warm temps, etc. (now it is 61 degrees, raining, and temps will fall to 30′s tonight, blah blah…)

And happy new year also.

Karen Mayes

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was great hearing your kind words. I hope you are having a great holiday week.

Hi Sweetheart! Happy New Year!!!


Eat popcorn! Yes, that’s right! Substitute the Sunday dinner for a bowl of popcorn and “Deperate Housewives” and you have cheap entertainment on a weekly basis.

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