DeafRead RUMBLE!

Courtesy: Springs – ATTENTION! LATE-BREAKING STORY! There appears to be a feud brewing between two bloggers over and the blogs and vlogs it publishes.

John Egbert has issued a first strike against people he calls, “deficit thinkers.” His shocking demand includes banishing people he doesn’t like from, a world-wide famous deaf/Deaf blogging site well-known for it’s impartiality and objectivity.

Egbert complains that some vloggers and bloggers are harming the DeafRead web site. No word yet on what he means, although he makes a comparison between blacks making fun of other blacks and being banned from the NAACP. Richard Pryor apparently was banned by the NAACP, which is confounding and shocking!

In response to Egbert’s challenge, from the red corner, rises long-time blogger, Mike McConnell, who not only questions Egbert’s calls, but actually explains the concept of “deficit thinkers.” McConnell, taking a logical and legalistic approach, counters with this statement:

to promote or instigate for the limitations on the free exchanges of ideas and concepts just because people happen to not like what’s being discussed sets a dangerous precedence.

Wow! What a great argument!

Back at Egbert’s press, readers are still unsure who exactly or what or why or when these “deficit thinkers” strike DeafRead because Egbert doesn’t state as much.

Right now, there is a small crowd of people, and judging by recent history, a mob may soon form! Wait! This just in: questions about certain people associating with Paotie have arisen at Egbert’s press! Perhaps another witch-hunt is underway!

Perhaps an electronic effigy will also be burned in the name of staking out those “deficit thinkers!” Or, worse: perhaps all blogs/vlogs that people find offensive will be piled into a massive column and burned whilst teenagers rebel to fast-paced “devil’s music!”

Early reports are now coming in that McConnell has attracted a small crowd of people opposing Egbert’s demands. Yet, one person appears to be talking to his/herself in the comments sections! Life is, indeed, stranger than fiction!

Not sure yet what all this means, but stay tuned for the next update of DEAFREAD RUMBLE!

Well, it ain’t really a rumble, but .. kinda seems like one!

Be good .. or be good at it.


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